Featured Item Fridays…Deb Tucker Tools

Welcome to our 1st “Featured Fridays”. This week we happen to be posting on Saturday- Lets see if we can keep it on track for next week though… My plan is to feature a fabric line, a new notion, a book or just something exciting we’ve recently gotten into the store. So here we go!


This week I wanted to talk about the great tools from Deb Tucker at Studio 180 designs. ( you can learn more about her here.) You’ve probably seen these rulers in the stores and wondered what they did or how they work…One you learn, you won’t want to live without them! Barb K. is a huge fan of these tools, used correctly they will almost guarantee perfect points in your quilt blocks every time! Deb has a large range of tools and corresponding patterns- the ones we have used most frequently in the shop are the Tucker Trimmer (1,2,and 3) and the Wing Clipper (1 & 2).


Here’s what Debs site has to say about the tucker trimmer: The Tucker Trimmer tool was designed to help quilter’s quickly and easily trim down units that are made with triangles – half square triangle squares, quarter square triangle squares (hourglass units), and combinations of half square and quarter square triangle squares (combination units). It has multiple diagonals which allow you to align ruler guide lines with unit seam lines to quickly locate the exact center of pieced units. This makes trim down easy,precise, and perfect every time. No more figuring, or guessing, or struggling to find a center point, and you can see it demonstrated on our free online video demo. I use it for much more than just trimming however and consider it my “must have” tool every time I head to my cutting table.


We’ve also got the Wing Clipper…Perfect for your flying geese! Here’s what she says about the wing clipper:

A must have tool if you are making Flying Geese units for your quilt. This tool, and the associated Fast Flying Geese construction technique, allow you to make four finished units from five squares. The best part is that each unit is constructed slightly oversized so each can be trimmed to a perfect size with perfect seam placement once the sewing and pressing are complete by using the Wing Clipper tool. You can see the tool in action on our free online video demonstration. Every single unit will be exactly right every time. Now who ever thought that would happen with Flying Geese units?!?!

Make sure you check out the videos showing how to use her tools, because there’s no one better to show you how to properly use them than the designer herself!

Both stores have these awesome tools- and while they last all IN STOCK Deb Tucker tools are 25% off! 


4 thoughts on “Featured Item Fridays…Deb Tucker Tools

  1. I love my Deb Tucker rulers. They make quilting so much easier and my quilts come out looking so much better. Thank you for carrying these rulers.

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