Featured Item Friday- Creative Notions Bobbin Puller

Happy Friday all! This week I’ll be talking about another strange looking notion that you may have seen and wondered “what the heck does that do?” It’s the “Creative Notions Bobbin Puller”.

bobbin puller

This tool can save your manicure, help if you have less than perfect mobility in your fingers or short fingernails, AND has a magnetized tip to help you easily install machine needles!

bobbin puller 2

Those of you with drop in bobbins are probably having a lightbulb moment right about now. No more fumbling with trying to get the bobbin up and out of your machine!

bobbin puller 3The other end of the Bobbin Puller has a magnetized tip that can also lend a hand getting your needle all the way up into your machine..all in all this is one handy tool! (**the bobbin puller end of this tool is not very useful if you do not have a drop in bobbin, so BERNINA owners, this may not be the tool for you, though the needle insertion end would still be pretty darn helpful!**)

At Aurora Sewing Center, the Creative Notions Bobbin Puller is only $9.99, and through Feb 1st all IN STOCK bobbin pullers are 15% off!

Stay tuned for next weeks edition of Featured item Friday!


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