Featured Friday…”Soft and Stable”

If you’ve ever been disappointed after spending hours making a purse, just to have it look a little…lifeless when it’s completed, Soft and Stable is the product for you.  Soft and Stable is a firm yet resilient 100% polyester foam with a soft fabric lining on each side, Soft and Stable is  lightweight and very easy to sew through but it gives great lasting body and stability to projects. Look what a difference it makes in the samples below.


More than a few customers have said that it gives their bags the feel of a “Vera Bradley” bag. This versatile  stabilizer can also be washed and ironed with no problem- which makes is perfect for use in your everyday bags.Soft and Stable has a soft, slightly napped fabric on each side of the foam, so it hugs your fabric, preventing it from slipping and sliding as you sew. The fabric facing on the Soft and Stable also moves easily against your feed dogs, preventing the problems of the foam catching on the feed dogs. And because Soft and Stable is made of a fairly dense foam, it doesn’t stretch or get wavy as you stitch. You’ll love using it for placemats and table runners. They will hold their shape and look new wash after wash. In purses and bags, use Soft and Stable as you would batting, though you only have to use it in one layer (outer or lining) and can eliminate any other interfacings. If you have several seams together, you may want to trim the Soft and Stable in the seams. Using Soft and Stable in a purse gives me a bag that holds it shape beautifully. It has with clean, smooth lines and isn’t wrinkly or slouchy. Yet, it is very lightweight. The bag is also soft and comfortable to touch — not hard and stiff as it would be if made using some of the other products designed to give stability to projects. Try using Soft and Stable in your purse or bag handles, too — that soft, cushiony feeling is wonderful for shoulder straps or handles.

Doreen has been making the popular “Charming Plus Sized Tote” with Soft and Stable instead of the multiple layers of fusible fleece that the pattern calls for, and she likes it so much that Janet the purse designer is considering re writing the pattern to include this great product!

plus sized tote

Come pick up some of this fabulous product, now through Friday February 15th , all forms of in stock Soft and Stable are 15% off!

So tell me, have you used Soft and Stable? Are you as big of a fan as we are?



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