Featured Item Friday- Rotary Cutter Blades!

Confucius said, “The path to true bliss is a fresh rotary cutter blade”.


Ok, so maybe he never said that…but any sewer knows that it’s the truth. There is nothing better than that 1st cut with a fresh blade. Unfortunately many of us are guilty of pushing those blades WAY past the point of dullness. A dull blade is not only annoying, it can be very unsafe.

urlAs most of you know, the cost of rotary cutter blades can be very prohibitive- and is the main reason that most of us use our blades way longer than we should. Cutting kits and store samples means that we go through a LOT of blades here at the shop and we’ve been pushing Barb for a long time to find us a cheaper option, and in September she finally found it!


Single blades retail anywhere from $8-$10 a piece! We are now offering a 10 pack of 45mm blades for an Everyday Low Price of $26, that’s $2.60 a blade, which is an AWESOME deal. They are packaged in a re-usable plastic case, which is perfect for safely storing your used blades.

This is one awesome deal, one that we are so happy to offer to you- again, it’s a 10 pack of 45mm (yes they will fit into your Olfa Cutters) for only $26! Come and get ’em…





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