What I’m working on- “Cross It” Quilt from Zen Chic (Part 1)

Working in a Sewing Store is a wonderful thing…sometimes it’s a tough thing though, we get to see so much beautiful fabric and so many great patterns- but being surrounded by so much inspiration can be overwhelming! I’ve got so many project ideas rolling around in my brain and no time to actually DO anything!

WAAAAY back in May when I was in Kansas City for Quilt Market I fell totally in love with a fabric line called “Simply Color” by Vanessa Christenson, she won the prize for my favorite booth at market for sure!
simplycolor Once we got it in to store I realized that it could be a challenging line to work with because of it’s linear nature. I started looking for the perfect project….and 6 months passed…until one day a pattern called “Cross It” by Zen Chic arrived in the shop.

2013-02-13 08.19.13You know those perfect times when you can see a finished project in your minds eye? (I know for me they don’t happen often) This was one of those projects! I could see the entire quilt done, it was calling out to me to be made! The quilt pattern calls for a jelly roll, but I just got 1/8 yard cuts of  18 fabrics which left me plenty to use for my binding. Everyone who sees this quilt 1st asks if it’s appliqued, but it’s a pieced quilt. It’s done in an “improvisational” style, meaning the directions are less of a step by step guide and more of a general guideline.

2013-02-22 15.22.31You start with a large square of your background fabric and a pile of 1.5″ strips and cut! I started with a long diagonal cut though by background, sewed a strip in, and just kept on going! The trick is not over thinking the process…it’s very easy to start trying to be too careful with your color placement, but I think it turns out better a little free-form!

2013-02-13 08.15.26After you’ve cut and sewn and cut and sewn your center square is looking very Un-square, as you can see on the bottom edge here…but you just square it up and sew on your borders! These were some HUGE borders, I think they measured 18″ each…It was a “woah” moment for sure when sewing them on. In all the pictures I took while making this quilt, I neglected to take a picture while putting the borders on, I think I was too busy wrestling with all that fabric!

2013-02-22 18.40.16 I did get a (fuzzy) picture before I started marking and pinning, so let’s pretend I did a better job of taking pictures of all the steps (I’m still getting the hang of this blogging thing:) ). I’m going to stop at this point until tomorrow, when I’ll show you the finished quilt and show you what I did for the quilting…you won’t want to miss part 2! Please come back and read it…:)

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3 thoughts on “What I’m working on- “Cross It” Quilt from Zen Chic (Part 1)

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  3. I am just now starting the Cross It quilt, but I can’t get pass step 1. How do I cut the fabric to insert the jelly roll. Thanks, Chloe

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