Featured Friday…Let’s talk Stabilizers.

Doesn’t everyone need a little more stability in their lives? (Sorry for the terrible joke) but we’re going to talk Embroidery Stabilizer today!  Aurora Sewing Center is currently offering an awesome coupon for some big savings on Stabilizers this month- I’ve attached it down below, but I thought it might be a good idea to talk a little bit about WHY we use stabilizers, and touch on the different kinds.


When you are new to embroidering, (or even if you aren’t) all of the different kinds of stabilizers can be really overwhelming…there’s cut away, tear away, wash away, heat away, wish away…( ok no wish away) but there sure are a ton of options! Stabilizer is often a neglected aspect of machine embroidery, the fin part is picking out your design and choosing all the beautiful thread colors, but selecting the correct kind of stabilizer is certainly one of the most important parts of the embroidery process. It’s kind of like building a house without the proper foundation. You can build the most beautiful house anyone has ever seen but if it doesn’t have firm ground to stand on…it’s not going to last very long.

Let’s talk about why we stabilize embroidery. Embroidery stabilizer serves 2 main functions, 1) to stabilize the item while you are embroidering, and 2) to continue to stabilize it if needed after you are done embroidering, and throughout the life of the item. When you are embroidering your project you need to be sure your item won’t shift or stretch or fall out of the hoop- and selecting the proper stabilizer can help reduce or eliminate those scary situations, and then after you’ve completed your project- you want to be sure that your design does not distort or pull with washing or wearing.


We are privileged to be a Floriani Stabilizer dealer and feel very strongly that they manufacture some of the best stabilizers on the market! Floriani also provides a TON of information on all of the different kinds of stabilizers they offer. They’ve put together a great “Stabilizer Workbook” that explains why/how you should use each and every kind of stabilizer they sell, you can find that HERE. It’s definitely something you should download and keep with you in your sewing room.

 Threads magazine also has a great article on stabilizers, you can read that by clicking HERE. But here are a few key pieces of advice on stabilizing from them:

  • The four basic types of stabilizers— cut-away, tear-away, heat-away, and wash-away— are defined by the method used to remove them from the fabric once the embroidery is complete.
  • The stabilizer you choose will depend on your fabric, the nature of the embroidery design, and the end use. For example, natural fibers and thicker, softer fabrics are more likely to relax around the stitching and lie flatter after embroidery, so a tear-away stabilizer would be a good choice. And thin fabrics, knits, or synthetics would do better with a cut-away stabilizer. You also need to consider the stitch density of the design when choosing a weight of stabilizer, regardless of the type of stabilizer you select. The denser the stitch count, the sturdier the stabilizer needs to be.
  • When embroidering on knits, use a permanent cut-away stabilizer (at left) to keep the fabric smooth during stitching and prevent stretching during wear.
  • For fabrics like leather or velvet that could be permanently marked by hooping, use an adhesive-backed cut- or tear-away stabilizer

You can read up on your own, but your best bet when you have questions about stabilizing is to ask us! We are always here to answer your questions on the proper way to stabilize your projects, and we love to talk embroidery with you! Also, for those of you who have purchased your embroidery machines from Aurora Sewing Center you are entitled to FREE lifetime guide classes, one of which is “New to Embroidery” which is a great class that goes over all of the “lingo” of machine embroidery and what it all means.

So as promised here’s the coupon- if you can’t print it just mention it at checkout and we’ll make sure you can still save!


Now you tell me, what’s your favorite Floriani Stabilizer? (mine is no-show mesh)




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