Featured Friday- The Sip & Snip

This weeks item is super fun and very handy. It’s a neat product we just got into the store, it’s called the “Sensational Sip & Snip”



This handy little gadget clamps right onto your sewing table and holds your coffee, bottle of water, tea, or perhaps a tumbler full of wine! (Although at Aurora Sewing Center we do not endorse drinking and sewing…;) ).
ip and Snip The basket is perfect for those threads and scraps that we usually end up tossing on the floor…The best part though is that it’s completely portable- it clamps onto your work surface with a simple screw mechanism, so you can pack it up and bring it to your classes at Aurora Sewing Center! No spilled drinks makes everyone happier!

We’ve been selling these so fast that we can’t keep these in stock, but this week (until Friday March 29th) we are offering them at 15% off! Come and get ’em!Blog-Sig




4 thoughts on “Featured Friday- The Sip & Snip

  1. This is actually brilliant! Basically my 2 biggest sewing issues solved – those little threads that I toss around and get stuck in the carpet forever and where to put my coffee so I don’t knock it over on my small desk. I think I need one of these!

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