A Year of Quilts!

I won’t mention the fact that it’s been a few weeks (ah-hem….months) since I last blogged.  I’m hoping you will all forgive me. You know how it goes…time gets away from you. In any case, and without further fanfare I’d like to present my grand plan for 2014. A YEAR OF QUILTS LOGOMy PLAN (you all will hold me accountable right?) is to finish a quilt for the shop every month in 2014! I guess this is not an uncommon resolution for quilters, because as I told people of my resolution I got a few “Me too!” replies. I’d LOVE to get your ideas for the kind of quilts you’d like me to do. I told myself that I would push myself to learn something new with as many of the quilts as possible. Here’s a link to my Pinterest Board where I’m collecting inspiration.

pinterest-clickI’ll let you in on a little secret- I’ve actually finished my first quilt for the year! I’m not going to show it to you quite yet but I hope you’ll come back and check it out in my next post. In the mean time I’ll leave you with this sneak peek!  I bet some of you may have seen it up at our East Aurora location.Log Cabin

So…weigh in! What kind of quilts would you like to see done in this great Year of Quilts? Would you like to join me?  Have you ever resolved to do something similar?  I can’t wait to hear…



5 thoughts on “A Year of Quilts!

  1. Karie, I love the camper fabric, is that from aAurora? My husband and I love all the VW inspired things….I have been looking for something fun.

  2. OOH, I am one of those “me too” people!! 🙂 My Year of Quilts will be making one for my loved ones! My 3 kids, couple-quilt for son and DIL, baby quilt for my first grand-baby, one for my mom and MIL (each), my sister in Australia, my brother in Abudabi…and maybe even one for ME!! 🙂
    Lucky you – I am still finishing my January one (tonight…tonight…) but I WILL MAKE IT! he he…
    Love that you will try to learn something new every time! Although almost every quilt we do learn something new, however little that might be, right? Maybe try a new technique or a new ruler? I have a few that are waiting for me…:)

  3. What a great idea! I just finished pinning a quilt that I hope to finish by our next Sewing Club meeting. Since I took SO many classes, my goal is to finish at least one quilt and another, small project every month. Love the quilting design on the picture you posted.

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