Modern Log Cabin…Quilt 1 in a year of Quilts!

So here we are at the very first post in “a Year of Quilts”! Click HERE to read about my lofty goal to make 12 quilts this year.

A YEAR OF QUILTS LOGOI’ve been inspired by this fun line of fabric by Mark Cesarik that we picked out a while back called “Summer Camp“.  It was a line that I was intrigued by, perhaps because my husband is an avid outdoorsman and I have learned to enjoy and embrace the rustic style of fishing, hunting and camping motifs.

Summer Camp by Mark Cesarik

Summer Camp by Mark Cesarik

When a new collection of modern “basics” arrived last month that included some great prints by Joel Dewberry (the line is called True Colors), I knew I had to combine some of each of these collections into a “Modern Rustic Log Cabin” quilt.

Some of Joel Dewberry's True Colors

Some of Joel Dewberry’s True Colors

 The third part of the puzzle was a quilt of the cover of a great book we have at the shop Called “Modern Designs for Classic Quilts” by Kelly Biscopink  and Andrea Johnson.

Modern Designs for Classic Quilts

This bright log cabin quilt has been calling to me for quite some time and one snowy evening at the shop inspiration struck and I quickly pulled together a pile of “outdoorsy” fabrics and two of our fabulous new textured solids from Andover for the neutrals. If you haven’t seen our textured solid collection stop by the shop and check these out.

These textured solids are 100% cotton and are great to work with. They have an almost nubby texture and add some real dimension to your quilting. I anticipated that they might be tough to work with but I had no issues what so ever with raveling or stretch. I chose a cream and a white as the background fabrics for this quilt.

Confession alert! I did not photograph the piecing process of making this quilt as I had not yet decided to embark on the Year of Quilts project. The cutting process was quite straight forward, just lots and lots of 2.5″ strips and a few 4″ squares. The pattern designer doesn’t re-invent the wheel with the construction of the log cabin block, you start in the middle and work your way around! I hope you’ll forgive the lack of assembly photos but what is done is done!

Included with this Year of Quilts goal of mine is to QUILT all of my quilts. I am lucky enough to have a Baby Lock Tiara at home and am truly loving the quilting aspect of making a quilt. Often the process of piecing a quilt can be meditative and spending the quiet time piecing the quilt will often tell me what sort of quilting it needs to have.

Pinning the Quilt

When I’m pinning at home I’ll pin on the work table in my husband’s shop so get used to the view of equipment and tools in the background.  How many of you pin on the dining room table, kitchen floor, or out in the garage? I love hearing how/where people pin! Some people HATE the pinning process, but I don’t mind it that much…it’s another meditative process. Who knew I was so Zen about quilting!

log cabin quilting detail

When this quilt was talking to me, it was begging me for wood grain quilting. It was my first attempt at quilting wood grain but I just went for it and as long as you don’t look too close, I think it turned out pretty darn good! Fast forward in time about 10 hours of quilting wood grain ( does anyone else feel like the quilting is never going to end, but as soon as you finish it is all SO worth it?) and it was time to hang the quilt at our East Aurora Location. Drumroll please…….!!!

Modern Log cabin Finishedmodern log cabin detail

What do you think? Do you like it as much as I do? If you are in the East Aurora area I hope you’ll come see it in person! So there “He” is, Quilt #1 in the Year of Quilts! It’s definitely a “He” don’t you think?

That will do it for January’s installment of the Year of Quilts and to keep you coming back, here is a sneak peek of February’s quilt!

science fair teaser

What have you finished in January?



6 thoughts on “Modern Log Cabin…Quilt 1 in a year of Quilts!

  1. You did a great job. I would never have picked the fabrics you did, but having seen yours completed I think I’ve changed my mind. What a great gift for a man in your life.

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