Quilt of the Month, April edition. Carpenters Star.


It’s that time again! As many of you know April’s quilt has been hanging up at our Williamsville Location for a few weeks- thank you all for your kind words about this quilt! For April I chose the Carpenters Star, Bali Sky pattern from Calico Carriage Quilt Company along with a fabulous new line of fabric from Moda called “Hearty Good Wishes”.

carpenters star pattern cover

I really enjoyed making this quilt, it’s a quick top to piece because it has such large pieces! Essentially you are making big half square triangles and piecing them together with background blocks and away you go!

hearty good wished stack


One of the things I found so helpful about this pattern was the little chart that is included to keep track of which fabric goes where. You just put your snips of fabric in the numbered boxes.

fabric chart Then, after you’ve made all of your blocks you use the layout diagram to make sure your quilt has a random scrappy layout.

carpenters star layoutIsn’t it funny that following a chart helps things look more random?

carpenters star pinning


It was definitely  a larger quilt than I expected it to be ( I guess I don’t read the finished measurements very well) so it was a bit of a beast to pin! I thought long and hard about the quilting on this one…well, I suppose I always do that- but it’s a challenge to push myself every month to come up with a quilting motif that is going to both accent the quilt and push myself to learn!

carpenters star quilting

Photo Apr 08, 5 56 26 PM

Photo Apr 08, 5 56 53 PMI’m very pleased with the way it turned out! How cute is my little octopus?

Carpenters Star Finished

Hope you like this one as much as I do! As always i’ll leave you with a sneak peek of the quilt i’m working on for next month…kite runner sneak peak

What are you guys working on this month?





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