June’s Quilt of the month, Kite Runner in Color Me Happy.

A YEAR OF QUILTS LOGOI’ve decided to stop saying i’m behind on my Year of Quilts project. I was beating myself up (as we are all prone to doing now and then) about not finishing my “May” quilt during the month of May, until I reminded myself that in fact I finished TWO EXTRA quilts in may! The WNY Shop Hop quilts I designed, pieced and quilted actually put me ahead for the year! If you’d like to see January’s quilt you can view it HERE, February’s HERE, March’s HERE and April’s HERE. So there! So when I FINALLY finished quilting my May/June quilt I was so relieved! Here she is:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


As usual I got myself in over my head with the quilting which is part of the reason it took so darn long to get this one done. Once you start “over quilting” you can’t change course! Anyhow, this quilt it from GE Designs book called “Big Blocks, Big Style” and I made it using Vanessa Christenson’s latest line “Color Me Happy”.

The cool part about this quilt is that the 60 degree triangles are all cut from 1 fabric (excluding the florals of course)

color me happy fabric fall 2013 3

I used the turquoise ombre fabric shown here, and cut the strips apart and then used a 60 degree ruler to cut triangles out of each strip.

Photo Apr 14, 1 42 07 PM

kite runner sneak peak


I enjoyed making this one, but to be honest- I’m SO glad it’s complete! I know you all can relate to that feeling about some of your projects. Just because It’ll make me happy, here’s some quilting eye candy for you…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou may notice the pop of pink in the binding, I felt like I needed to pull a touch of the pink to the outside of the quilt, so I used this tutorial from 52quilts.com to create a faux piped look. I was surprised at how easy it was to create this detail!Photo Jun 21, 12 50 40 PMSo there you have it….quilt 6 (7 technically, but who’s counting right?) in my year of quilts! And as per tradition, here’s a sneak peek at what’s in the pipeline for July.

Photo Apr 30, 12 47 42 PMWhat are you guys working on?








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