July’s Quilt of the Month, Cluck Cluck Sew’s “Inside out” In Botanics.

A YEAR OF QUILTS LOGOCan you believe it’s August already? If only the winter went as quickly as Summer seems to. Oh well..I spent the weekend finishing up my July’s “Quilt of the Month”.July-Inside-outJuly’s quilt is Cluck Cluck Sew’s “inside out” pattern, which I made in a completely non normal size. After cutting and sewing and cutting and sewing I realized that I had made too many blocks for the baby sized quilt, and too few for the twin. I just didn’t have it in me to make any more blocks…so this quilt is about 45″x55″ and I like it that way (darnit!).

botanicsI used the stunning “botanics” line from Carolyn Friedlander. I’ve used this line before in my Quilt Market Bag and I love working with it. There’s some beautiful metallics running through some of the prints, and the colors are just so vivid! If you haven’t seen these fabrics in person….you are missing out!Photo Jun 21, 9 08 37 PMThere are a lot of little pieces in this quilt, and to be honest with you I struggled a bit with my accuracy. I ended up having to trim my blocks down a 1/2″! I think that it had a lot to do with the small size of the pieces and the 37D foot I was working with. Now that I am using my new 97D foot…I think that if I made this quilt again I would have no issue. Photo Jun 23, 8 05 38 AMI loved seeing these blocks up on the design wall- It was such fun to play with the colors!Photo Jul 30, 5 37 15 PMI used a motif from one of the fabrics as my quilting inspiration. If you look WAY in the top left corner of the above photo you can see a bit of the inspiration fabric. There were these cute little leaves all scattered about…and I thought, well…that looks like a quilting design, and then it was!Photo Aug 03, 2 36 11 PMHope you like this one…Honestly, I’m just glad it’s done! You can check out January’s Quilt HERE, February’s HERE, March’s HERE, April’s HERE, May’s HERE, and June’s HERE! Seven quilts down, five to go!Blog-Sig





One thought on “July’s Quilt of the Month, Cluck Cluck Sew’s “Inside out” In Botanics.

  1. You used to have a session where people bring in an unfinished project that they are working on. I am at the stage where I am putting binding on my first tote bag project and I need some advice. Please let me know if and when you are still having that type of class.

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