New Favorite Notion….Pinmoors!

You know those gadgets that you look at on the shelf at the store and think…”well thats neat, but I’d never buy it”? This is one of those items- but I’m telling you, once you own some Pinmoors, you will wonder how you lived without them!

Aurora Sewing Center PinmoorI’ve known about this handy gadget for a while, but for a long time the vendor was not selling them wholesale so we weren’t able to get them into the shop for you. A week ago I finally spotted them through one of our vendors and ordered immediately!

These great little guys aren’t candy, they are used along with any straight pins you have at home instead of safety pins to bast your quilt for quilting!

Aurora Sewing Center Pinmoor

Aurora Sewing Center PinmoorYou simply push them onto the end of your straight pins to baste. I’ve found it to be a much quicker process than using safety pins and then going back with my trusty Quik-Clip to close them all. It’s also much faster to remove them while quilting. Instead of trying to pin in such a way that won’t interfere with my quilting so that I don’t have to remove them while quilting, I am able to pin in a much more uniform way since it’s one simple motion to take them out!

Check out this video from the inventor of Pinmoor on why they are so great!

We’ve got these amazing little guys at both locations- stop in and grab a pack- you won’t be disappointed!